Exploring the East End

The East End of London is a fascinating area with a rich history, lively food community and some gorgeous architecture. I recently joined Eating Europe for a food tour, seven courses of ‘English food’ from fish & chips to afternoon tea.

Some of the highlights for me were the poached quince, sweet and lightly spicy. The rich and creamy ‘Dustman’s Wedding Cake’ took me back to my childhood. The Roquefort at Abondance was salty, tangy and creamy all at once and I went back for seconds.

The street art was fabulous, the buildings and the stories behind them were fascinating. The eclectic mix of architecture and historical eras, all scrunched up together in a relatively small area, is totally absorbing. It’s enough to make you fall in love with London all over again.

Did I manage to eat the full seven courses? Who serves the best bacon butties? Which artist painted this amazing bird mural? And, where was TV mega series Vanity Fair filmed? Find out more…

Have you been on any good food tours in the UK or around the world? I’m really getting into these now so tell me your recommendations in the comments or share on Twitter @hashtagtravelin Thanks!

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