This week… summer in the cities

This week I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to write about, I simply don’t feel the love. It’s June already and in the UK the summer passes so quickly. I mean to make the most of each and every day. So here, I’m taking time out to simply appreciate the beauty I’ve been enjoying close to home while we wait for the world to right itself. Where have you been exploring this week?

I’ve been spending time with family and friends in two Roman cities lately. I love the old buildings, the back streets and alleyways, unchanged for centuries and where I imagine the people who have walked this way before me. Both cities have magnificent historic cathedrals and houses, mature gardens and in Winchester the sparkling River Itchen meanders through the landscape, ensuring that the plants and trees are lush and green.


Mediterranean plantings and an old wrought iron gate in the Bishop’s Palace Garden.

I don’t know why I haven’t discovered the Bishop’s Palace Garden in Chichester before having worked in the city for almost eight years in the past. This green oasis was ablaze with colour with cerise-pink peonies and dark purple irises that lit up the bright greenery, the air is perfumed and the atmosphere bestows a sense of peace.

Chichester. L to R: The cathedral spire approached through an alleway that hasn’t changed for centuries; the old Roman city walls.
Pretty wisteria and roses cover the chocolate-box cottages in The Close at Chichester Cathedral. Below: door to The Royal Chantry with a royal rose and other stone carvings above.


Walking along the river Itchen in the centre of Winchester, another magnificent historic Roman city, you can admire the gorgeous houses with gardens that back onto the water. The wooden bridge I’ve admired previously is now festooned with white wisteria like summer fairy lights. Sometimes you can spot the beautiful heron who fishes in the shallow but fast-flowing waters.

White wisteria strung over a wooden bridge like fairy lights.

Walking the South Downs Way where the landscape is frothy with summer plants. The way takes you through varied landscapes from the mature trees in the woodlands, wide open landscapes and small villages.

Finally, a stunning thatched cottage in the hamlet of Chilcomb located just outside the city. A masterpiece of design and craft. Have a good week and stay safe and well, wherever you are in the world.

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