Discover a secret garden this summer

This week I’ve been enjoying many horticultural delights courtesy of the National Garden Scheme (NGS). The annual summer event provides the opportunity to mosey around private and public gardens in aid of charity.

The scheme is so quintessentially English, reminiscent of the beloved village fete an atmosphere fostered by the delicious homemade cakes available. Spoilt for choice at one garden, I indulged in a generous portion of walnut cake with a pot of cafetière coffee on a shady patio. Hosts were ultra friendly and there was some lively chat amongst the visitors. I met up with one couple at the next garden too, and we greeted each other like old friends. Gardening tips were swopped and recommendations for further gardens to visit. Aah, an English summer.

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This week… Garden Day UK

While there doesn’t need to be a special reason to enjoy time in a garden, as we tentatively emerge from lockdown, like a bear out of winter hibernation, let’s celebrate with some garden love whether that’s a few acres, a cherished lawn, or a balcony with potted herbs. Gardens and gardening have long been recognised as beneficial to our wellbeing, and even more so in recent times. Digging your hands into the earth and tending a plant is as natural to human beings as breathing, and exposes our bodies to beneficial bacteria. It could be considered one of Maslow’s physiological hierarchy of needs. So to kick off the summer season here’s a round-up of horticultural tidbits to admire and inspire. Happy gardening!

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This week… life’s a balancing act

I think it’s safe to say that by now I’m totally confused. This number has gone down, that one has gone up. Wear a mask here, but not there. Travel to this country but not that one. Quarantine, no quarantine, and, yes, hello quarantine, again. Some people are back at work, some are simply refusing to give up working from home and many are losing their jobs (including a family member this week). It’s a mad house. I watch reruns of the Bourne film series and take myself off to the beach (safely, of course).

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